Online Physical Form

Vermilion Schools, in compliance with the OHSAA and their partnering with Priv-it, have put all required physical forms and related forms for athletes, and those needing them for extra-curricular activities for the 2019-2020 school year, online.

Please go to and in the search box type “Vermilion High School”.  Click on the arrow that appears after Vermilion High School and follow the directions and prompts to complete the required questionnaire.  Once finished, you will be able to access the physical forms and all required paperwork for sports and activities.  You will be able to type in all the necessary information on these forms, print them, sign them, and take them with you to your child’s physical appointment for your physician to complete.  These completed forms will then need to be turned in to your child’s coach/advisor.

These forms will be kept online in the account that you set up, and the physical will automatically refresh itself to the new form that is required each calendar year, without having to redo it each and every year.  All that you will need to do in future years is access your file in your account, make any necessary changes to your child’s medical history, and reprint the form to take with you to the physical appointment.

The Priv-it site provides a tutorial video and a help/support center to assist you with any questions or problems that you may have.  The OHSAA, Vermilion Schools, and the Athletic Department are striving to make this process as efficient and as easy as possible for our athletes and their families.  Should you have any questions, please contact the Athletic Department at 440-204-1700, ext 361.