Sailors News · The Stillman Cup, Spring Edition

Sailor Athletes,

During these adverse times I wanted to provide an opportunity for you to enhance your leadership ability as a Sailor.  And if we can beat Firelands in one more thing this year, as the Stillman Cup is on the line, it can be twice as nice.  For those of you that may not know my younger brother is the Athletic Director at Firelands and we battle for the “Stillman Cup” in all sports.  This challenge is just another way for Vermilion to let the school down south know what we are made of.  The National Federation of High Schools (NFHS) has created a Captains Course that I believe will only help continue to make the culture at Vermilion a shining star.  Here is the description.

Captains Course
Are leaders born, or are they made? While some student-athletes have the characteristics to be a leader, leadership is a learned skill.  Most captains receive little to no training on how to be a team leader.  Coaches throw captains into a leadership role, and then cross their fingers that the student will succeed.

With the help of Michigan State University’s Institute for the Study of Youth Sports and the Michigan High School Athletic Association, this course was created to help develop high school team leaders.  Student-athletes are prominently featured via on-screen hosts and captain interviews throughout the ten-segment curriculum, while participants learn about leadership skills and reflect on and the important role of the team captain.

My goal for you is to click this link:

Complete the course and tweet a picture of you holding the printed certificate with the hashtag #StillmanCup and we will tally up the numbers at the end of May.  Just because we can’t be together does not mean we cannot improve ourselves as leaders.

I look forward to seeing how many captains we can create!