Multiple Teams · A Message from Coach Ladd

Hello Team!
I hope this email finds you all safe, healthy, and happy. It’s been 1-week since you have all been together in the school building, and I’m sure just as I am you are hoping that we can get back to normalcy as soon as possible. I want to encourage each of you to help to “Slow the Spread” by avoiding being in large gatherings, or hosting friend gatherings at your house.

The phrase you hear now is “social distancing” – but in reality it should be phrased “PHYSICAL DISTANCING”. I still encourage you to be social with each other and friends by speaking on the phone, social media platforms, texting, or facetiming!

Nobody is sure how long this process is going to take, and we can only hope that you return to the classroom and return to the track or playing fields. I encourage and urge you to STAY ACTIVE during this time – not only for you to be prepared for success if we do have athletics this spring, however also for mental health as we are happier when we are active and outside. Of course, your health is the main focus so If you are feeling ill, focus on resting and taking care of that before all else – however a healthy person can stay healthy by being active and keeping your eyes set on goals that you have set for this upcoming season on the diamond or track.

How can you keep training:
Track & Field – RUN and body weight strength (push-ups, burpees, mountain climbers, core, etc.). I encourage you to follow any training plans that Coach Eddy may have put in place for you.

Softball/Baseball – Soft toss against a garage, grounders off a garage wall, body weight strength, and RUN. I encourage you to follow any drills or training your coaches have suggested.

Not Competing? – GO RUN, WALK, BIKE – EXERCISE.  If you want some suggested 20-30 minute workouts please let me know, I would be happy to help.

I obviously want you each to be successful this spring if/when it returns, but I’m already preparing for success on the cross country course this fall and your spring activity (whatever sport that may be) is vital to our ability to continue to improve in September/October. If we take a full season off without training now, that will be a big obstacle to overcome this summer. So please, STAY ACTIVE and stick with a training routine (if you are healthy) as you would be during Track & Field season.

This is something we haven’t seen in our lifetime, and i pray we never do again. I’ve thought about you guys often over the past week, especially you seniors who have limited days left to spend together making memories. I pray that this senior class returns so you can make those last memories together.

In other news, I have started a NEW JOB in Sandusky at the Cedar Point Sports Center.
I can’t wait to take you guys there this summer for a team night on the climbing walls and ninja course!

I leave you with this:
Eat healthy, get 8-hours of sleep each night, wash your hands, exercise daily, communicate with friends and family, and of course study!

I wish you and your families health, safety, and happiness

Anchor Up!

Coach Ryan Ladd
Varsity Cross Country Coach